While you stepped out to get some air, the party moved down the street! You’re still very much invited! Is this metaphor getting weird yet?




or even


if you want.

I will see you there!

No comic tonight because the worst-kept website-related surprise ever is going down. Hold on to your pants and check back throughout the weekend. And by weekend I’m including Monday too, because I have the day off. Woo!

At least the avenue billboards don't slide into your field of view and refuse to leave

Truth & Fiction

So at first I saw the cover on this homebrew game and I was like, Oh man, it’s my game! Then I read closer and realised it wasn’t really, but we’re so close now.


He was pretty clear that I didn't have to hang it up but heck, I think I could use a shot of Eagle-Supervised All-American Bearded Rebelliousness

If I have inadvertently just advised you to do something illegal then I retract my encouragement and cannot be held responsible for whatever occurs as a result of your actions! Everybody else, get to it!

The dark side of having a bread machine rears its ugly head!


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